Why is HVAC for a cure important to me ? Here’s part of my cancer story, In July of 2008 I had my daughter Baylee and my family was begun . 6 months went by and I decided I was going to get some things looked at with my health . Things I had ignored for a while …. I knew now that I had my little girl I had to be healthy for her . On December 15 I had colonoscopy done to check on things . December 24th was Christmas Eve and also my follow up appointment. I vividly remember a somber feel in my doctor that day, she told to sit down . I was alone , scared and nervous when she told me they believe I have cancer . Not only cancer but very aggressive cancer and I needed to be seen immediately. I walked out the doctor office to my girlfriend and told her . She was very strong and right away reassured me it was ok and I was ok. I didn’t feel ok though. For the next two years I did countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.I did these until my tumor had shrunk fortunately and I was able to have surgery . The surgery was not a for sure thing but I opted for a full colostomy to ensure I would have the best chance at being with my family as long as I could. I woke up and was told it was successful and that they were able to remove almost all of the tumor ! I grew into my new self and life came back to me again . During this time I was still running my business but with major help from my father and a few friends but I managed to keep it. I remember having this dream of helping others , I felt like I owed the world since I was saved . I instantly thought about things and being that HVAC is all I know it naturally formed into one day using my business to help give back to cancer foundations and people in need . I thought of HVAC for a cure . Fast forward 10 years and I’m finally in a position to start giving back . We at The Heating Dude donate 100% of our tips from our work or service calls . We also are coming up with I new ideas all the time to raise funds or math others and we love it! We find comfort in community and we hope our idea of helping Others will grow and grow. Our first year of doing this we have raised $2,900 just in donated tips ! We also donated over $6,000 to local school sports , softball teams , fundraisers and charity . Another idea we have for this is setting up a yearly fund that we get people to contribute to and donate a new HVAC system to a family in need . We would love to see this grow along with us and continue helping others . We thank you for any help and support !
How to Donate to HVAC FOR A CURE

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