Our Story

My business began in 2008 when I decided to venture out on my own . I come from a
family of Mechanical and HVAC technicians and grew up in the industry . I also went to
Dunwoody and some trades schools so it was a natural progression to enter into
business for myself. Later that year I had my baby girl and I turned into a father ! It was
probably the best time of my life and we enjoyed the short time the happiness lasted .
Although things started off well soon I was facing hardships . In the same year, around
December , I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and began a battle for my life. I
endured two years of chemotherapy and radiation but during those times I had help
from my fiancé , family , friends and just the will of being Dad carried me though that
battle . I was deemed cancer free in 2010 but it was short lived relief , Tragedy struck
again when my fiancé and Childs mother passed away in a tragic accident . This left me
a single father and a business owner . It wasn’t easy . Through out all of those hard
times we worked and made sure the company survived . And survive it did ! We spent
the last years recouping from those hard times and building a stronger family and
business ! Fast forward to now and The Heating Dude is doing better than ever , we are
busy and happy to be around ! My daughter is now 11 and becoming a huge part of the
business also . Sometimes in life it’s not about what you lose or went through but about
what you have and are going to go though! Always look for positivity and believe things
work out . I appreciate you reading my brief tale of struggle and we hope you have a
great day! Remember , sometimes in life bad things can happen fast but good things
can come just as fast !
– Sincerely Jacob Jeppesen
– Owner

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